Credit Cards and Payroll Cards

First National Bank & Trust Co. Business Credit Card


First National Bank and Trust Co. offers Visa and MasterCard issued by The Bankers Bank Card Center with fixed rate options and consistently low rates. Terms for these cards include an introductory rate for balance transfers from another credit card, which holds until the balance is paid. Cards feature an interest free grace period and convenience checks.

Cards can also be issued at set spending limits to designated employees (subject to credit approval by the card provider). Monthly reports itemize expenses, improving information and control.

First National Bank & Trust Co. Business Payroll Card


Our payroll card provides cost savings and environmental benefits to businesses including

  • Offering more employees direct deposit
  • Reducing fraud risk and liability
  • Decreasing the need to print paper checks

In addition, businesses utilizing the service find they experience productivity benefit such as

  • Streamlining distribution versus paper checks
  • Integration with the payroll process
  • Instant card issuance

Using payroll cards reduces the typical employer’s payroll costs by as much as $223 per employee per year.

Contact FNB's Payroll Card Specialists


Jenny Bui

Shawnee - MacArthur and FireLake

Retail Branch Supervisor
Jenny Bui; 405-275-8830


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Shawnee - Home Office

New Accounts Representative
Mandy Lee; 405-275-8830


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Shawnee - FireLake

New Accounts Representative
Tynan Corpus; 405-878-4877


Pam Venable


New Accounts Representative
Pam Venable; 405-379-3902


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Lawton – Quanah Parker

New Accounts Representative/Loan Assistant
Sarah McLain; 580-536-8800


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Lawton – Sheridan

New Accounts Representative/Loan Assistant


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New Accounts Representative
Cynthia Colwell; 580-782-3365


Kathy Gelnar


Branch Leader
Kathy Gelnar; 580-535-4848


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