Business Savings and Investment

Businesses can always use reserve cash – funding set aside for growth and development but easily accessible when needed. First National Bank offers our Business Savings Account and CDs to provide you with investment tools for your business.

Basic Business Savings Account


  • $100 minimum opening balance.
  • Interest compounded and paid quarterly at the current savings rate (information on current rates may be obtained at any location).
  • Nine withdrawals per quarter are provided with no cost
  • No service charge if the balance remains at $100 or above every day of the statement cycle
Certificates of Deposit and CDARS


  • Similar to a savings account
  • FDIC Insured
  • Specific time, fixed terms and rates

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service

  • Offer the convenience of working with one financial institution
  • Provide the security of FDIC insurance for amounts in excess of $250,000
  • Funds are deposited in CDs with FNB’s network of banks in amounts below the standard FDIC insurance maximum
  • Principal and interest earned are eligible for full FDIC insurance
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